HANBELL ranked NO. 269 In China's Top 500 Machinery Enterprises

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On February 20, the 2021 (19th) China top 500 Machinery Research Report Conference sponsored by China Machinery Enterprise Management Association and Machinery Industry Information Research Institute was held in Beijing. The conference was presided over by Zhu Changfu, executive vice president of China Machinery Enterprise Management Association and chief accountant of Machinery Industry Information Research Institute. Hanbell Precision Machinery won the honor of "China’s Top 500 Machinery Enterprises".

According to Li Jianchun, director of the industry department of China Machinery Enterprise Management Association, China Machinery Top 500 is a research report and release activity organized by China Machinery Enterprise Management Association. It is also the first research report and private ranking activity initiated by industry organizations in the industry. It has been released for 19 consecutive sessions since it was first released in 2003, and it has become an influential research report in the industry. The research activity adopts the enterprise competitiveness model and industry-leading algorithm designed by the world enterprise laboratory according to international practice, focusing on the unity of enterprise scale and quality and the research of comprehensive competitive strength. More than 10 key business evaluation indicators are selected to comprehensively study and rank the scale, efficiency, growth and resource strength of enterprises. In addition to publishing the list and the main economic indicators of the top 500, the research report focuses on multi-dimensional comparative analysis, makes in-depth research on the situation of subdivided industries, subdivided regions, leading enterprises, enterprises with different ownership properties and previous data comparison, and makes an overall analysis on the annual economic profile and development trend of the machinery industry based on the data of the top 500. The report is more targeted and has more reference value for industry enterprises to grasp the macro situation.