Talent Concept

Human Resource Development Strategy

Hanbell always adheres to people-oriented and implements talent development strategy. “Strengthening one culture, building two platforms, building three teams and achieving four satisfactions” are our human resource development strategies.

Talent is one of the most important resources of the company. Hanell select talents from universities and social elites, and builds a systematic talent training mechanism to ensure sustainable development of the company.

Through salary incentive system, performance evaluation system, training and development system, the company creates a ladder type talent training and multi-channel career development. With rich resources to support the career development of employees, enhance personal value, and promote the common development of enterprises and employees.

Company Cultural Values

Hanbell company culture values “Care, Delication, Honesty, Innovation and Excellent” have been deeply engraved in our daily work.

Care employees, clients, care society;

Professional & persistent, work & perservrance, poineering;

Honest & trustworth, following the rules and laws, regulating operation;

Be good at learning, dare to explore, keep innovating;

Advance with the times, keep improving, pursue excellence;

Employee Career Development Planning

According to the actual work ability and performance of employees, HANBELL customize the long-term work performance and work ability improvement plan for the employees to make clear future development path in the company. Meanwhile, HANBELL also guide employees to carry out and implement career development their planning to give full play to employees' potential.

Staff Education and Training System

Hanbell pays great attention to the education and training of employees. The company has established a training system based on personnel training. According to different positions and grades, the company adopts customized training contents and combines various teaching methods to comprehensively improve the personal quality and professional competence of employees and promote their healthy growth.

Join Hanbell

Our work is related to some of the important technological and environmental challenges facing the world today. To be successful, we need not only to attract and train first-class engineers and technicians, but also professionals from other disciplines. Each role we provide will face unique challenges. We provide employees with comprehensive development opportunities in all professional fields.

If you are looking for meaningful, high-level work and opportunities to create future technology, come to Shanghai Hanbell, and work hard to realize Hanbell’s vision to be the world leading brand of fluid mechanical and electrical industry, so as to realize our vision of "creating a more environmental living surrounding with low-carbon green"!

Shanghai Hanbell was established in 1996 and listed on Shenzhen A-share market in 2007. Jinan, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Chongqing branches have been set up one after another, and the subsidiaries of Zhejiang Hanson, Shanghai Comer, Hanbell HongKong, Hanbell Vietnam, Hanbell Korea and Zhejiang Comer have been set up one after another. All these reflect the achievements of HANBELL people's hard work in the past 25 years.