IoT Cloud Platform

IoT Cloud Platform

Hanbell Precise Machinery company's industrial internet project ( IoT Cloud System) is a complete set of solutions for after-sales service management and dealer management through the IOT of equipment, monitoring the operation of equipment.

It mainly realizes four types of equipment monitoring: centrifuge compressor, air compressor, oil-free machine and vacuum pump.

The establishment of IoT Cloud System is to centralize the management of equipment distributed all over the country through the way of informatization, comprehensively grasp the use status of assets, such as the specific location, whether it works normally, etc., timely deal with equipment faults, dispatch workers and understand the status of informatization and real-time, so as to maximize customer service and improve satisfaction.

In addition to the domestic related business, the company's products are exported to foreign countries. In addition to meeting the domestic use environment, the various needs of cloud devices also need to consider the relevant situation abroad. For example, the communication protocol, traffic management mode of different countries, and the direct connection between domestic and foreign data servers and firewalls need to be fully considered.

Cloud service can solve the problem of time-consuming and laborious maintenance personnel to achieve on-site, through the remote monitoring mechanism, achieve the effect of remote diagnosis, reduce unnecessary travel costs, quickly respond to customer needs, and improve customer satisfaction. And through the expert system, we can predict the abnormal equipment in advance and understand the customer's needs in advance.

1.   To improve customer experience, customers can view the operating parameters and status of the equipment regardless of the field, and can also receive the pre alarm fault information anytime and anywhere;

2.   It is very convenient for customers to communicate with manufacturer. Customers can directly consult the product price online and ask about the use requirements and precautions;

3.  Provide more personalized functions, such as online query delivery, online logistics information, online query of product production progress, online download of relevant technical data, etc;

4.  Online query fault handling method, customers can solve simple faults according to detailed processing steps and methods, which can not only reduce customer maintenance costs, but also reduce company service costs;