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The 25th China Fisheries & Seafood Expo was held from October 27th to 29th in Qingdao Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, with the participation of more than 970 enterprises from 19 countries and regions. The scale of China Fisheries & Seafood Expo has doubled in the past six years, which is becoming the largest aquatic trade exhibition in the world.




With the theme of "entering a new era of energy saving in cold storage", Hanbell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. attended the Fisheries Expo with its LT-S-IVX series two-stage variable frequency compressor and RGII series open type screw compressor, that fully demonstrated the key technologies of compressor independently developed by China and make the concept of green and low carbon more popular.






LLT-S-IVX two-stage variable frequency compressor:

1. With variable frequency technology, the comprehensive energy efficiency under quick freezing condition is more than 20% higher than that of low-temperature two-stage screw compressor, and the comprehensive energy efficiency under low-temperature refrigeration condition is more than 30% higher than that of low-temperature fixed frequency single-stage compressor;

2. High energy regulation precision, can realize linear energy regulation for output cooling capacity, facilitate storage temperature control and reduce storage temperature fluctuation range;

3. The wide temperature range design can avoid the overload problem of the conventional two-stage machine in the initial stage, and can quickly pull the temperature to the design target;

4. It can be used in low temperature cold storage, quick freezing storage, and ammonia to fluorine refrigeration.



RGII series open screw compressor:

1. New tooth profile and structural design: greatly improved performance;

2. Structural design of new shaft seal: the service life is greatly improved;

3. The product comes with a middle bracket structure design: no centering, easy installation, to meet the application requirements of different working conditions;

4. The hierarchical energy regulation structure is adopted to meet the unloading operation requirements of the unit;

5. It can be matched with conventional three-phase asynchronous motor or permanent disk motor. When equipped with permanent disk motor, the motor efficiency is about 96% - 98%. Compared with the configuration of conventional three-phase asynchronous motor, the length is reduced by about 50% and the overall weight is reduced by about 50%, which is suitable for parallel unit applications.

6. It can be used in low temperature cold storage, quick freezing storage and single freezer.



With the concept of low-carbon, high-quality and green development deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, Hanbell adheres to the advanced concept, upgrades and innovates its products, complies with consumer demand and market changes, creates value for customers, arouses the audience's resonance and recognition of the brand Hanbell, and becomes a trusted professional compressor brand.


The closing ceremony does not end, and the highlights do not end. Adhering to the corporate mission of "creating a lower carbon and environment-friendly living environment" and the corporate values of "care, dedication, honesty, innovation and excellence", Hanbell continues to provide customers with efficient and reliable products and fast and thoughtful services. Hanbell is willing to continue to work with colleagues in the industry to contribute to the healthy development of the refrigeration industry.