Industrial low temperature application-shale gas liquefaction project

Project Introduction

Project location: Chongqing, a shale gas field with a daily gas production capacity of 300,000m3.

Because the project doesn’t have a natural gas pipeline to send gas, it can only be transported by CNG or LNG vehicles. The liquefaction equipment is divided into five modules: 1. Primary filter unit; 2. Refrigeration unit; 3. Cold box unit; 4. Cooling unit; 5. Generator unit. Compressor used in the refrigeration unit is Hanbell RC2-Z explosion-proof medium and low temperature general compressor; After three-stage oil filtration, the oil content of the mixed working medium is reduced to the minimum. The mixed working medium exchanges heat with the gaseous natural gas in the plate heat exchanger of the cold box, and then through the natural gas self cooling process, the temperature is finally reduced to -165, realizing the natural gas liquefaction function. It is also the lowest temperature that Hanbell compressor can achieve at present.