New Product Release -- AA6-D-EM Series Integrated Horizontal Tandem Double Stage Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Air Compressor

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With the increasing implementation of the national energy conservation policy, energy saving equipment products are more and more valued and favored by users. The first class energy efficient and energy-saving air compressor will become the first choice of users.

Hanbell has launched a new air compressor: AA6-D-EM series integrated horizontal tandem double stage permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor.

This series of products can not only reach the specific power of energy efficient of Level 1 in GB 19153-2019 Limiting Values of Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Grades for Volumetric Air Compressors, but also greatly reduce the user's investment in early equipment.

Our air compressor products continue to demand high quality and high performance, and will provide users with more cost-effective products and better services.

Air end:

1. Hanbell ndependently researched, developed and manufactured;

2. Adopt efficient energy-saving two-stage compression technology to effectively reduce the compression ratio of each stage, reduce backflow leakage and improve volumetric efficiency;

3. The two-stage rotor is arranged, and the two-stage air end is designed in a modular way, which makes maintenance easier and more convenient;

4. The rotor is processed and manufactured by machine tools imported from Germany, and tested by a three dimensional measuring machine to ensure the dimensional accuracy and high stability of key components.


1. High efficiency oil cooled permanent magnet motor for air compressor, as determined by Hanbell, with the full system efficiency up to Class 1 in GB 18613-2020 Limited Values and Grades of Motor Energy Efficiency (equivalent to IEC TS 60034-30-2, IE5 efficiency);


2. The oil cooled motor and Hanbell air end are an integrated coaxial direct connection structure, with no transmission efficiency loss, and the transmission efficiency reaches 100%;

3. The motor coil adopts vacuum potting insulation process, which has higher anti-aging and reliability, and longer motor life;

4. No cooling fan is required to reduce the failure of the fan blades and eliminate the excitation of motor due to high temperature;

5. The motor shell is fully enclosed, and the protection level can reach IP65, which can adapt to the harsh working conditions.

Oil and gas pipeline system:

1. The soft sealing design of fluororubber O-Ring and ED ring ensures no leakage of pipeline connection;

2. The air end is connected with the motor oil circuit flexibly to avoid the leakage of pipeline connection caused by vibration of running parts or transportation.

Electrical control system:

1. The controller for air compressor: multi-function touch color screen, support multi language, multi machine joint control and other functions, with phase detection, phase loss protection, motor overload and overheating protection (PTC), inverter overcurrent and overload protection, inverter overvoltage and undervoltage protection, etc;

2. Standard Modbus, which can realize local and remote monitoring; Variable frequency speed regulation, PID constant pressure energy-saving control technology.