Hanbell Won the Award of Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center in 2021

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Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission announced the list of "2021 (27th batch) Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center". Hanbell Precision Machinery successfully won the recognition of "Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center" with its professional R & D strength and technological innovation ability.

The identification of Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center is a special project led by the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology to promote the construction of Shanghai's science and technology innovation center with global influence, and to strengthen the construction of enterprise oriented technological innovation system. The evaluation criteria are based on the administrative measures of Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center (hjxf [2017] No. 285) and the guidelines for the identification and evaluation of Shanghai Municipal Enterprise Technology Center (hjxj [2017] No. 291).

Since its establishment, Shanghai Hanbell Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has always focused on the R & D, manufacturing and sales of screw, scroll and centrifugal compressors and the integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains. It is one of the few worldwide manufacturing service providers focusing on the design and manufacture of screw compressors in the world.Hanbell Precision Machinery actively responds to the national development strategy of peak carbon dioxide emissions, and continuously promotes the substitution, transformation and upgrading of coal consumption, as well as the carbon peaking action in the fields of industry, commerce, transportation and so on. In 2022, the company will continue to develop new energy-saving and environment-friendly products, upgrade existing products, focus on expanding the application of renewable energy high-temperature heat pump products in the field of "electricity and heat", vigorously promote ORC waste heat recovery generator set, maintain the good brand image of low ambient temperature air source heat pump in the heating market, and establish a model project of steam heat pump products in the market. With the continuous promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, Hanbell products are expected to occupy a larger share and contribute to the process of peak carbon dioxide emissions.